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All in one website solution for Small Business Owners to grow their business online.

Avoid a high upfront cost and know that your website will always be secure, up to date and maintained so that you can focus on your business.

Great For

Massage Therapists. Business Coaches. Chiropractors. Consultants. Animal Professionals. Marketing Agencies. Contractors. Coaches. Salons.

Fast-track your website plans, and kick-start your business with an online presence without the stress and time involved.

With our all in one Turnkey websites, we take care of all your business needs to grow your business online, and maintain your online presence. Everything is taken care of for you and we establish your business online with very little time or monthly investment on your part.

You have access to 100+ designs to choose from that cover a variety of industries, or we can adapt a design to your business needs.

Every package includes managed hosting, FREE domain, and monthly support.

This is for you if you're a...

A business owner who wants NOTHING to do with the tech part of having your business show up online...

Why Choose a Turnkey Website vs a Traditionally Built Website?

Traditional Build

Upfront Costs
Large upfront cost
Web Hosting
You pay for the hosting
Website Domain Name
You pay for the domain name
Website Theme + Plugins
You’re responsible for any purchases of premium plugins and themes.
Website Updates
You will need to manage your site updates.
Content Updates
You handle all the content updates
Website Refresh
Pay full price for a new website

Turnkey PAckage

Upfront Costs
Small Setup fee, then small monthly recurring fee
Web Hosting
Hosting is covered by your plan
Website Domain Name
Domain registration is covered by your plan
Website Theme + Plugins
Plugins, theme, software is taken care of
Website Updates
All plans cover with a Website Care plan which maintains all updates, security, and backups.
Content Updates
We handle content updates, depending on the plan is how many hours per month we offer.
Website Refresh
Refreshes are included in Tier two and Tier 3 plans.

Would We Be a Good Fit?

Our clients come to us frustrated by one or more of these website challenges:


You’re just starting out, and you have all these ideas on what you want for your business online, however you don’t know the first step in getting started.


Your website isn’t working for you, and you can’t isolate what the problem is or even how to fix it.


You have traffic to your website, however, there are no actions being done to turn your visitors into leads.


You’ve had the same website for awhile, and you need a fresh new design. Showcase new services, update your web copy.*


Tier One

$ 199 per month

Minimum 3 Month Agreement

Tier Two

$ 299 per month

Minimum 3 Month Agreement

Tier Three

$ 479 per month

Minimum 3 Month Agreement

Don’t know which package is best for you, or want to chat before making a decision?

What Does Each Website Include?

Pre-crafted, Mobile Friendly Templates

Pick from our pre-crafted templates that are made for your industry. Each template is mobile friendly.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting on our secure cloud server, your site’s speed and security is the primary focus

Domain Name

We manage your domain name, and connect it to your website for you.

Premium Plugins & Premium Theme

Have access to our premium plugins & themes to ensure your website stands out from others, and works properly.

Website Maintenance

Automated backups, uptime monitoring, scheduled updates, we take care of all the basics to ensuring your website is running at its peak performance.


When your clients are searching for your service online, we want to ensure we incorporate best practices so that your website shows up on Search Engines.

Content Updates

Updating your offering, or need to change something on your website. We include a set number of hours per month for you to use to update your website’s content.


Track your traffic to your website, the only way you know if your website is actually working is seeing where people are going on your site, how long are they staying there, what demographic, etc.

This is For You If

This IS for you if:

This IS not for you if:

If this isn’t right for you we can talk to you about other options we have.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No! Everything is done for you! We take care of hosting, design, development, launch and long term maintenance.

Yes, as no two businesses are alike we will take what your business needs for it’s online presence and help find a website design that will fit those needs.

Businesses change over time, and with some of our plans we offer a website refresh after a certain amount of time. This involves a new rebuild of your website, and evaluating the content that currently is on it – and adjusting as needed.
Your website typically goes live in about 1 week.
The time it takes for your website to appear on page 1 of Google depends on a number of factors. It depends on the search phrase people are using to find your website and the number of other websites that are also available for those search phrases. Nobody can truly say how long it will take for your website to appear at the top of search engine results pages (including people who actually work for Google), however, there are a number of factors that can improve your chances. With our Tier 3 we offer SEO services to help better your ranking, or you can inquire about our paid advertising package to add on.
With each package, we will send you a Google Analytics report which will show your traffic. This report also includes where people are coming from (referral, social media, etc), as well as other data about users on your website.
We have built a maintenance/support retainer into each of our plans, and this provides you with dedicated time for updates. If you wish to have additional blogs added, new pages, etc we can discuss this as a new invoiced task for your website.
We have over 100+ designs to choose from, these offer a wide variety of styles from minimalistic to more complex. We are happy to provide some direction to certain designs that may fit what you’re seeking.

All our contracts are for a minimum of 3 months. If you decide to cancel your plan, we will provide you with an .xml file of your web copy however due to the nature of our service, the design of your website is not transferrable. Please see our terms and conditions for details.

Due to the nature of our services, we offer non-tangible irrevocable goods and services. Refunds are not issued once the contract is signed and the product is sent or service has been rendered. Once a payment is made, we do not provide refunds. If a project is canceled or postponed the terms of our contract are still in place and agreed upon funds are due.

Yes we do, please view our Website Development page HERE to see more details and request a quote.

Yes, we do have a catalog that you can request to take a look at. Submit an inquiry form to us by using one of the 3 tier options above and we will send you a preview of what designs we have available.

Don’t know which package is best for you, or want to chat before making a decision?