Your website is a security risk. Learn how to protect it.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re using your website to do more than just show off what you sell—but also to generate leads, communicate with customers, and build an online community. But most business owners don’t realize the importance of keeping their website secure. 

Unfortunately, most business owners are stuck in the past where they think that because their site was built by themselves or their web designer, they don’t need to worry about website security, updates or backups. But according to recent statistics about cybersecurity, ensuring your website secure and up to date is imperative to keeping your business safe.

According to WebArxSecurity, Forbes reported that globally 30,000 new websites get hacked daily. 

Website Maintenance provides scheduled website updates and backups so that you can work on growing your business instead of worrying about updating your own site!

What Happens If I Don't Maintain My Website?

We like to describe to clients, that your website is like your car. You want to ensure that you keep it maintained to ensure that it’s performing at it’s best, and is safe. 

If your website isn’t properly maintained, some of the following have a high probably of happening, it’s never if – it’s when.

Protect Your Investment

Website Maintenance Package

Pay Annually and save up to 17%

But Wait...As an Added Bonus!

Waived Website Audit

$247 Value

If your site was built by yourself, or someone else our Maintenance Audit evaluates your site, and ensures that there are no current issues that need to be addressed before we start maintaining & hosting it.

2 hours of Content Updates

$1,500 Value Annually

Publish a new blog… update photos… add new promos. We are including 2 hours PER MONTH of content updates for the entirety of your maintenance plan with us.

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